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  • TitleRoom Number
    Academic Support Office2500
    AV Productions2074
    Bowling and Games Center1171
    BYU Store2900
    Campus Scheduling3371
    Careers & Experiential Learning1151
    Center For Peace & Conflict Resolution4412
    Church Distribution ServicesBYU Store 1
    Cougar Creations1010
    Cougar Den1011
    Cougar TechBYU Store 3
    Cougareat Food Court2690
    Counseling and Psychological Services1500
    Dean of Students Offices3500
    Dining Services - Catering5562
    East Lounge2098
    Emergency Medical Services3234
    Exploration Point2590
    Garden Court2050
    Honor Code Office4450
    ID Center1057
    Information Desk2300
    International Student & Scholar Services2400
    Jamba Juice2040
    Lost and Found1131
    Multicultural Student Services2400
    Office of Belonging2400
    Post OfficeBYU Store 1
    Preprofessional Advisement Center3328
    Reflection Room2099
    Skyroom Restaurant6600
    Student Connection & Leadership Center3400
    Student Development Services2518
    Student Employment2024
    Student Life Technology4440
    Studio 10301030
    Title IX Office1085
    Traditions Lounge1121
    UAC Computer Lab1111
    University Accessibility Center2170
    University Advisement Center2500
    Varsity Theater2034
    Women's Services and Resources3326
    WSC Custodial1086
    WSC Support Services3371
  • 1st Floor Maps.png
    2nd Floor Maps (North points right)1024_1.jpg
    3rd floor Wilk Winter 2022

  • Banners and Signs Policy
    The Campus Planning and Use Committee has proved the placement of banners and signs in certain areas of campus. Students and University personnel may not tack banners or signs in unauthorized areas.

    Church Use of Facilities
    (extracted from University Handbook)

    Decorating Rules
    Please read the following guidelines carefully. They are given to ensure safety and to assist in proper planning for decorating campus facilities. It is important that you have a safe and pleasant experience.

    Guidelines for Bishops
    These guidelines are designed to help church leaders and members take full advantage of the resources available in the WSC.

    Monday Night
    Monday Night Scheduling Policy

    Reading Day Scheduling Policy
    Campus Space during reading days may only be scheduled for the activities listed under this Policy.

    Scheduling Policy
    An online handbook outlining policies and procedures regarding the use of BYU's facilities.

    UCC Club Policy
    UCC Club Scheduling Policy

  • Campus Life Support Services Vision Statement:

    To assist BYU in creating an environment that fosters community, facilitates inspired learning, and supports holistic student development.

    Campus Life Support Services Mission Statement:

    • Maintain the cleanliness, safety, maintenance, and operations of the WSC.
    • Provide facility and personnel support for BYU departments’ efforts to achieve their goals.
    • Actively plan for and enhance the WSC for current and future student needs.