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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

WSC Digital Signage Submission Guidelines

Under the direction of the Dean of Students, content management of digital signage in the Wilkinson Student Center is the responsibility of the Building Coordinators. In order to clarify procedures, simplify visual messaging, control sound levels in the building, and provide fair and reasonable access to the displays, the flowing guidelines are provided.

  1. Activities and services of the Wilkinson Student Center departments have priority use of the digital signage in the building. Activities held in the Wilkinson Student Center also have priority. The Wilkinson Student Center reserves the right to determine access to the signage by other university departments or campus entities.University Departments outside the WSC are permitted to submit slides, but for only student events.
  2. Commercial advertising or posting of non-university sponsored events will not be accommodated.
  3. All media for the WSC digital signage should be submitted by a full-time university employee representing the requesting department or program to or on a CD to the WSC Information Desk.
  4. Content must be appropriate for a BYU campus audience. Content must be reviewed and approved by the area responsible for submitting it.
  5. Acceptable media file formats include: image file (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif), or video (.mp4 or .oog). Length of video segments may influence placement in the content queue or the frequency of the exposure. It is recommended that videos be less than 30 seconds, with 10 seconds being ideal. The resolution of the content frame (where the movies are displayed) is 1470 x 900. Submissions must be 15 MB or less.
  6. Promotional slides or videos containing sound will not generally be accepted. Any exceptions for the use of sound capabilities must be approved by the Dean of Students Office.
  7. When submitting a media file, please include the start and end dates of when you would like the media to be shown. Media for specific events can be posted two weeks prior to the event date. Public service messaging without a specific start or end date will be accommodated on a space available basis.
  8. In designing content for digital signage, please consider the following:
    • Content presentation should be focused so that the viewer has sufficient time to read it during the brief display time.
    • The resolution limitations of the digital signage require simple, bold text or type.
    • An effective slide uses a limited number of characters and lines.
  9. A maximum of two slides (media file) per event / department may be submitted. If additional slides are requested, replacement slides may be submitted in place of the current slides. The BC will not manage the slides(media file) beyond the two submitted.

Please direct any further questions to 801-422-3111.